Keep Your Contact Information Current

We receive many requests for referrals to CNSs. Please ensure that we have your updated contact information and that you are current with your fees and recertifications. We are unable to recommend CNSs whose credential is not current. To update your contact information, or if you have questions on the status of your CNS credential, please contact us at

Spring Certification Examination for Nutrition Specialists

Saturday, June 10, 2017
Multiple US Locations

The Spring 2017 Certification Examination for Nutrition Specialists will be offered Saturday, June 10 at various locations across the US. More information coming soon.

Nutrition Advocacy Update: July 2016

A Robust Legislative Season & Kudos to CNS Activists!

State Advocacy: This year, we are currently active, or have been active, on bills in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, New Jersey and New York. Things slow down in the summer in most states, but not every legislative session is over... Read more.